Event Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Embrilliance Hands on Classes

We understand that life happens and in order to prepare for unexpected changes, we have come up with the following cancellation policy.

Transfer Event Registration

Your registration is transferrable to someone else.  If you find that you can not attend an event that you have registered for,  you can find someone else to take your place on those days.  Please contact Gayle with their name, email and other contact information so that our records are up to date!

Cancellation Fees

If you are unable to find someone who wants to take your spot and must cancel, the following fees will apply.  Please understand that we have had to pre-pay for many things such as conference room rental with electricity & classroom setup, plus our travel and accommodations. We’ve had to set this all up in advance to get the best rates.  Thank you for understanding.

180 – 60 Days Prior to Event            25% Fee

60 – 30 Days Prior to Event              50% Fee

30 Days or less                                    No Refund

Day 3 Requirement

In order to register for Day 3 only, you must already own and be familiar with SA2 or SA3 or have digitized in another software.  This is subject to cancellation and a $25 fee if you register and do not meet the requirements – so please ask Gayle questions ahead of time.