WEBSZBonnieMcCafferyPhoto850_3377Lisa ShawWelcome to my website – the home of LisaSewBubbles

I’ve been involved with machine embroidery since the mid 1990’s and have loved every single stitch along the way. Before my first design completed stitching, I was on the phone putting my name on the pre-order list for PE Design software. I knew software would be the doorway to an exciting adventure.

Machine embroidery is an artistic application of math and science. Being able to create something artistic and beautiful is something I did not think was possible.  Let me share something with you – I can’t draw. Sounds crazy, right?  Thanks to computer software with the Undo button, I can be artistic without having to rely on my “non-existent” drawing skills 🙂

Over the years, I’ve learned alot about all things related to machine embroidery – the good , the bad and the ugly. One of my favorite quotes is “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin.  Every project, every stitchout has some bit of knowledge that we can learn from.  Our successes as well as our failures are valuable lessons.

While you are here, check out my blog. Use the search in the right column to find posts about things you are interested in.  I have some teaching engagements scheduled both online and “in real life” and you can find out about them under the Education tab at the top or the Upcoming Events below.

This website allows me to share some of my experiences with those that are interested and looking to expand their knowledge of machine embroidery. No one becomes a machine embroidery expert overnight.  Remember that everyone processes and learns differently, so enjoy the journey.