Hands on Embrilliance Classes – Atlanta GA

When: October 8-10, 2020  (rescheduled from April 2020)
Where: Perimeter, GA (Atlanta area)
Hampton Inn Perimeter – Atlanta

769 Hammond Dr NE
Atlanta, GA  30328

About this event:

The classroom opens at 8:30AM so that you have time to set up your computers and get situated.  We break for lunch and start to wrap things up and be finished between 4-5pm.

This 3 day event has flexible registration to accommodate more people and cover what everyone wants to learn. Event will be capped at 24 people per day.  This three day schedule also provides for a single day focused on StitchArtist for those that have digitizing experience and/or are already using the program.

Embrilliance, Embrilliance and MORE Embrilliance – you asked for it – you’ve got it!

Three Days – a la cart or combination of 2 or 3 days

In order to accommodate this type of schedule, we have to limit the number of people attending each day to a maximum of 24 per day.

The classroom opens at 8:30am so that you can get situated with your computers set up.  We start the class at 9am.  We take about an hour+  break for lunch (boxed lunches are brought in)   We start wrapping up around 3:45 so that we are done and out of the room by 4:30.

We are referring to the schedule as Day 1 (the Pins), Day 2 (the Needles) and Day 3 (the Bobbins).  So yes, you can register for Pins & Needles – isn’t that adorable!

Yes, you can sign up for one day, two days or on a limited basis all 3 days.

There will be a bit of overlap and repeated information between each day so that someone who is familiar with Essentials and taking Day 2 (the Needle Day) will not be lost because they did not also take Day 1 (the Pin Day).  The information may be similar, just presented differently, abbreviated or in different context.

If you are brand new to Embrilliance – maybe you just got Essentials or don’t have any software yet – or you just want someone to walk you through the programs at a basic pace…..Day 1 is for you.  If you find that you are overwhelmed easily – you may not want to take a second day.

Using the demo version for all programs is welcome on Day 1.  On Day 2, we are expecting that you already have Essentials OR you are also signed up for Day 1.

Just like the Embrilliance software, each Day can be taken on its own.  However, because of the “more advanced” and specific nature of Day 3, we make a few assumptions:  1. that you are familiar with the user interface of the program, 2. that you have digitizing experience and/or 3. are already digitizing with StitchArtist.  Ask questions before signing up!

About Lisa Shaw

 Event Pricing:

Single Day Prices:     Day 1 only $175.00         Day 2 only $175.00         Day 3 only* $225.00

Coupon Discounts:     Day 1&2 $325.00             Day 2&3 $375.00            Day 1,2&3 $525.00

In order to keep things simple, there is a coupon discount for those wanting to register for multiple days.

If you want to register for 2 days of classes – Days 1&2 OR Days 2&3 – use coupon code 2CLASS for the $25 discount

If you want to register for all 3 days of classes – use coupon code 3CLASS for the $50 discount

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NOTE: Be sure to select the option shown below on the checkout page about the website terms & conditions!

*In order to register for Day 3 only you must already own and be familiar with SA2 or SA3 or have digitized in another software or have taken classes from Lisa Shaw previously.  This is subject to cancellation and a $25 fee if you register and do not meet the requirements – so please ask questions ahead of time.  Click here for the cancellation policy.

Question: I only have Embrilliance Essentials. Can I take 1/2 of day 1 and 1/2 of day 2 and if so what would the cost be?

Answer: You are welcome to sign up for both days and only stay for the sessions that you like. There is no half day pricing.

So there you have the information on this event – YES we will have fun and learn so much!

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Please double check your information so that we can respond asap!  If you don’t hear from us in a day or so, check your spam folder.  We will reply to everyone, but if you give us a typo for your email address or have a spam filter set, you may not get our responses.

If you are on Facebook – here is a group that we have setup for those interested in getting information, finding a roommate, and more!  Finding Embrilliance Classes on Facebook