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Bat saying stitched with Glow-in-the-Dark Thread

Here is a bit of information about me – I have a strong liking towards bats. I think they are rather cool – right up there with Horace, our resident owl. Its not a Halloween thing because I really like them in the summer. I know, that may be weird, but as I walk the dogs at dusk and I see them flying outside the house in the summer, and there are NO MOSQUITOS around, I know that the bats are doing their job 🙂

So, when I was working on the corner flourish design for the Embrilliance project blog, I wanted to create a project that wouldn’t be completely seasonal. And if it was kind of “pun-ny” that would even be better!  So off to Google I went and found a print from Ilan Shamir and I made up my own version of “Advice From a Bat”.

For those of you interested in the digitizing part of this design, it was featured in my Afterhours with Lisa on the Bubbles’ Menagerie Facebook page – Sept, 9, 2019. I hope to upload the replay to my youtube channel and will update this blog post with a link as soon as that happens!

The test sew of the design itself was done with some FUN threads. Here is a bit of information about the threads I used.

To generate a Tim Burton/BeetleJuice vibe, I did one test stitch out using Zebra Rainbow thread from Superior Threads. Another fun fact – I love the movie Beetlejuice – her wacky outfits AND OF COURSE the dinner scene gives me an earworm … every.. single.. time 🙂 This blog post has some amazon affiliate links for you to use OR you can visit your local quilt store to get the thread there!  The Rainbows have a longer swath of color in the variegated repeat. I like to use the Rainbow threads for stippling or triple stitches. Since I really wanted a SERIOUSLY OBVIOUS stripe in this swirl, the Rainbow Zebra from Superior Threads was a fabulous choice! This was stitched on cotton with tear away stabilizer and a SCHMETZ chrome 75/11 embroidery needle.

Then I was playing with my glow in the dark threads. Over the years, I’ve tried (and was not thrilled with) glow in the dark thread.  Some would be stretchy, or sticky feeling and I just was not happy to use it.  THEN I was at Houston Quilt Festival last year and found some that I just had to play with – and I’m in love! I love my Mettler Polysheen thread – been using it forever.  So when they came out with a “quilter’s quality” of glow in the dark thread – I knew it would be wonderful – and it is. Since Mettler and Isacord are from the same parent company, if you want a larger spool go with the Isacord.
Then I was in the Wonderfil booth and picked up some of their Ahrora glow-in-the-dark thread in a variety of colors and it was just as lovely! I ran this design at 800 SPM on my multineedle and didn’t have a single thread break.  Just used my regular SCHMETZ chrome embroidery 75/11 needles, stitched on cotton with tearaway stabilizer and it came out lovely.  Here is a photo the finished stitch out charging up in the sunlight.  It only got about 15 minutes of sunshine before the clouds came over in Colorado, but it was enough to charge up the thread so that it glowed nicely in the closet for a photo.

Before I forget – I created the text part of the design using Embrilliance Essentials.  Took all of 5 minutes to type it out. However, because we are creative people, it took me 30 minutes to choose the font 🙂  I know that you can relate!  I finally decided to use #425 from Jolson’s Embroidery designs. Love to create with BX fonts!! For the apostrophe in the “you’ve”, I used a comma and moved it up to be the apostrophe!

I will update this post next week with a link to the bat flourish design – it is available as a free download from the Embrilliance project blog. 

As always, if you are looking for my affiliate link to purchase the Embrilliance software, I do appreciate the support!  You will not pay any extra, but I do make a commission on your purchase which does encourage me to continue making free software educational videos!  Click here for my affiliate link to the Embrilliance website.


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