Event Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy for Embrilliance Hands on Classes

The class sizes have been limited to 24 students.  We understand that life happens and in order to prepare for unexpected changes, we have come up with the following cancellation policy.

If you cannot attend the event and want full reimbursement, it is up to you to sell your spot and contact me to let us know of your replacement.  

Your registration is transferrable to someone else. Please note that it is up to YOU to find a replacement and arrange for payment.

How do you find a replacement?  There is a waiting list post in the Embrilliance Educational group – reach out to those who have expressed interest.  Post in the Brilliant Embrilliance group OR any of your other embroidery groups on social media – each time I post something about an event being sold out there is AT LEAST one person that says “I didn’t know about this and would have loved to come”.  I am an active member of each of these groups and will see your posts to answer questions.

Please contact us with their name, email and other contact information so that our records are up to date!

Use this contact form to send us your replacement person’s information 

Transfer Registration

Advanced StitchArtist Session Requirement

In order to register for Day 3 only, you must already own and be familiar with SA2 or SA3 or have digitized in another software or have already taken a hands-on class with Lisa Shaw.  This is subject to cancellation and a $25 fee if you register and do not meet the requirements – so please ask questions ahead of time.