Class FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for hands on Embrilliance classes:

Q: What do I bring to class?

A: In addition to the computer stuff that I’ve outlined next, I would recommend a sweater, notepad and pen. Some also like to bring cards with their name and email to share with others in the class.

  • Computer with Embrilliance installed and up to date. Continue reading this FAQ if you need to refresh your memory on how to verify that you are running the most current version.  HINT – the check for update is NOT the answer.
  • Mouse, mouse pad, power cord – whatever you need to use your laptop effectively in class.
  • If this is a new to you laptop – please practice using it starting TODAY.  Get familiar with where keys are like “delete”
  • If you haven’t used the laptop in awhile and you need to update your operating system – do it at home.  OR turn the wifi off so that you are watching your computer update and reboot in class.
  • Power strip – each table has one.  However, if you have a “brick” that takes up more than one slot OR you don’t want your cable draped around the table, you should bring one with you.

Q: Can I video record the class?

A: NO.  Every technique, tool and function that I teach is already available as a clean rehearsed video on the Embrilliance YouTube channel.

Q: Are there handouts for class

A: All of my class notes can be downloaded from this website under the SHOP link.  There are no specific notes for the hands on classes because I allow students to ask questions as we go and the content of the classes will shift with the interest of the students.  Come to class prepared by watching the recommended videos before coming to class, make a list of questions you would like clarification or more information on and play in your software.

Q: What about lunch?

A: A boxed lunch from a local deli will be delivered so that we do not have to worry about travel/traffic etc.  We will have  water available throughout the day in the room!  Approximately a week before the event, I will send out an order form with choices and will include vegan & gluten free options.  You are more than welcome to bring your own lunch, but the cost of the day remains the same.

Q: Do we need internet access to take the class?

A: Please note that we will be turning OFF wifi for class so that we are not hindered by operating system or other automatic updates.

Q: Can I take the class with the demonstration version?

A: Yes. The demonstration version is DIFFERENT than Embrilliance Express – the free lettering program for BX fonts. The demonstration version is found on the Embrilliance website at the top of the downloads page If you are using the demonstration version, I highly recommend watching the appropriate program videos so that you are not blind coming into class. You can find the program playlists on the Embrilliance YouTube Channel including Quick Tips Playlist

Q: What operating system do I have to have?

A: Windows or Mac – both are fine.  Install the software before hand and you will be good to go!

Q: How do I know if I am “up to date”?

A: The current version of the Embrilliance platform is always available on the Embrilliance website.  There is ONE installation program for the Embrilliance platform AND it is also the update for all programs.  To check the version that YOU are running, open your Embrilliance software and go to Help > About on Windows and Embrilliance > About Embrilliance on Mac.  Make a note of the version number that is listed here.  Go to the Embrilliance website and click on the Downloads page link.  You will see Embrilliance platform listed with the current version for each operating system.  If your About window does NOT have the same version shown on this page, you need to download the update.  Once the file has finished downloading YOU MUST close all programs and run the downloaded file.  Once you have run the installation/update program, your About window will show the current version.  PLEASE do this before arriving to class!  ESPECIALLY if you are having trouble!!  And if you are having trouble — the absolute BEST AND FASTEST way to get help is to click on the Contact Us link to send a message to tech support!  They answer every message sent to them within 24 hours – even on the weekends and over holidays!  

Q: What time should I arrive for class?

A: The classroom will be open at 8:30am and class will start promptly at 9am.  If you need a bit of time to setup or want to get a front row or aisle seat, I would arrive early.

Q: Can I bring a large monitor or a monitor riser to use in class?

A: That’s fine as long as you are NOT blocking the view of anyone behind you.  You would need to sit on the end of a row NOT in the center.  I can NOT guarantee that the tables will be deep enough to hold external equipment as the requirement is to be able to use a laptop.

Q: What if I change my mind – is the class fee refundable?

A: There are no refunds.  If you don’t know if you can attend, don’t sign up. This class will sell out.  If you are unable to attend, you can find someone else to purchase your spot and contact me to switch out the registration. To view the cancellation policy, click here.

Q: I only want to take part of the day.  Can I register for half day class?  Or half of day 1 and half of day 2?

A: This is a limited space class set up to be a full day.  If you only want to stay for part of the day, that is up to you but there is no price discount.  To participate in any part of a day, you must register for that day.

Q: I want to purchase the software to use the full program in class.

A: Contact me for event special pricing before the show and we can make arrangements or you can purchase at the show.