Create smooth edge split designs such as pocket toppers with Embrilliance Enthusiast

ENTH_pockettop resultExploring creative editing techniques is a certain way to create new and unique embroidery designs.  The “slice with needle points” function in the Stitch Editing of Embrilliance Enthusiast will allow you to do fun customizing with existing designs.  You can make any selection and slice it and needlepoints will be added and secured. ENTH_pockettop1

Using the rectangular selection tool will allow you to select a straight line either horizontal or vertical.

Use the freehand selection tool to select and create a wavy random edge.  This can be used in many creative applications such as waves or puzzles or textures.

When using the rectangle selection, use the gridlines as a guide to help you select the location of the slice.

When you slice a design, you might create new long stitches that you will want to change to jumps with ties.  You may also create small groups of stitches that you will want to delete.  This is just some of the things that could occur.  This is nothing to be afraid of – simply use the stitch editing tools to select and delete/change the stitches to create you new design.  Embrace the possibilities and enjoy the journey into creative stitch editing!


Embrilliance Enthusiast

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