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Creating Designs from BX fonts

The definition of digitizing for machine embroidery means that you are creating a stitch file from scratch – no part of the design you are creating was created by anyone else. When we purchase designs – and BX fonts are mapped designs – they come with a terms of use or copyright information. In short, it usually says something like you can stitch this design and sell the finished goods but you can not sell the electronic file. Most of us completely understand this and agree with it – we would never share designs as it is illegal. A digitizer has spent time to create that design and they own the copyright to the stitches that they have created.

Many people are forgetting this when it comes to BX fonts. A BX font is simply a mapped installation file of embroidery designs created by the digitizer. The BX allows us to EASILY USE the designs that happen to be in the form of letters. Each “letter” is a digitized design and as such has terms of use attached to it. So if you have a BX font that has 52 letters plus numbers and punctuation -they digitized EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE DESIGNS ……and then mapped them to a BX installation file —- for the sole purpose of us being able to use this collection of designs quickly and easily with our keyboard.

The software is a facilitator. All we are doing is typing to bring up designs digitized by someone else.

Before BX files existed, in order to create a design from alphabets purchased from a digitizer, we would have to merge in each individual DESIGN that happens to look like a letter, line them all up, adjust spacing etc. BX allows us to use alphabet design collections with the lettering tool – that is all. The result is the same as if we had manually merged each design and lined them up.

When a digitizer publishes a BX font, they have the opportunity to include copyright information so that we have it when we install the BX to conveniently use with our lettering tool. This information is displayed when you use a BX by going to the View > About Designs on this page. This is usually the same information that we get with EVERY design purchased from a professional digitizer.

BX font from SewBubblesIn this picture you can see that I “created a design” using a BX font that I provide as a free download from my website. I digitized each letter and it is mine to give away. Someone that installs and uses this “font” is creating a design from stitch files that I have created. My terms of use are listed in the View > About Designs on this Page as shown in this screen capture.

If any of this sounds confusing to you, the very first thing I would do is contact the person that created the designs you are customizing and ASK THEM your questions about what you can or can not do with the designs that they have created. My rule of thumb – I look at the design in my software and ask myself did I digitize everything on this page? If no, its not my electronic information to sell or give away. period. Digitizing from artwork – whole other can of worms and not what I am talking about. I provided a link to www.IndieLaw.com for anyone interested in having a discussion and get legal advise on the topic of copyrights.

Not sure what a BX font is?  Check out this post with video link.

Until next time – happy stitching!

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