Creating a snowflake in StitchArtist


Snowflakes are mathematically beautiful – maybe why that is why I have always been fascinated and mesmerized by them.  From simplistic to completely and intricately elaborate – they are beautiful.

Once you “get the idea” and work out how to have your “branch” start and stop at the center point, you can get all sorts of elaborate with your snowflakes. YES, I’ve seen them start on left and exit on the right so that they connect on the sides not from the base – SAME PRINCIPAL!!!

I did not check the underlay on the satin border and running the sew simulator made me realize that it may have been set to free standing lace…that’s just one more thing to check BEFORE you go and do the carousel or copy paste rotate. YES, there are going to be stitches under the final satin spline – if you don’t want them there – don’t be lazy like me creating a 3 click “V”…. make a left spike that starts stops at the center, then a right spike that starts stop at center and leave a little gap in between. I test sew! When I set my density for my satin border to a number I’m happy with based on MY PAST test sews that overlap is not gonna bug me. If it bugs you, fix it by reshaping your objects like I suggested as ONE option. There are many many ways to create designs like this – mine is not the right way or the wrong way – it is simply my way.

And yes, if I stitched this on wss it would be a Free Standing Lace (FSL) flake but it wouldn’t be very sturdy since the only thing holding it together is that final center circle thing.


If you think this looks like fun and decide that you want to purchase StitchArtist I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link.  I do not work for Embrilliance even though I do so many videos and tutorials.  If you purchase using my link, I get a small commission which just encourages me to make more videos and tutorials for everyone 🙂   (this was created in StitchArtist L1 and  you can copy paste rotate by 50 degrees from each other OR use the Carousel function in Enthusiast)

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  1. Georgann Haley
    Georgann Haley February 17, 2017 at 7:42 am Permalink

    Lisa, I had trouble digitizing little black dot ‘eyes’. Then I thought about using the ‘periods’ that come with the fonts in Embrilliance. Problem solved!! Just love this software and all your tutorials. You are a good teacher. And I love how you’re developing your site. Georgann Haley

  2. Susan July 2, 2017 at 5:47 am Permalink

    Love your simple to-the-point explanations! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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