Embrilliance Cruise – Classes at Sea!

We had so much fun on the last cruise we just had to book another for 2018!

This time we will be departing on September 9th, 2018 from Port Canaveral, FL (think Orlando, FL for reference) and returning on September 15th. 2018.

We will be visiting 3 beautiful ports for excursions, shopping, investigating the culture, photography, etc.

  • Labadee, Haiti
  • Falmouth, Jamaica
  • Cozumel, Mexico

We will have 3 fun filled days at sea complete with classes, social events, gift bags and swag!!!

— The classes will be on software – specifically the Embrilliance programs

— Bring your laptop for hands-on experience OR enjoy the slower pace of the presentation and absorb by watching and interacting, the choice is yours!

— All of the Embrilliance programs will be covered in the 3 days of classes.

— Are beginners welcome?  Of course!  The class style is that of “exploration” and learning how the tools work and what you can do with them.  We are going to PLAY in the software – push buttons and understand what happens when you do.  When you are allowed this freedom to play, the pressure of “making something perfect” leaves the building – just like Elvis!  The whole purpose of learning software is so that when you get home and have a project to do, you know how to do what you want!  Everyone gets handouts on the stuff we cover in class to refer to when you get home.  You saw it done and what tools were used…. you did it yourself with Lisa right there to guide and explain….its not such a scary project now and you will be able to apply what you learned on board.

— What about those that already use the Embrilliance programs and are comfortable with the software.  Will you be bored? There is SO MUCH to the Embrilliance programs, I can safely say the answer is, no, you will not be bored. One of the things that Lisa brings to her classes is 25 years of machine embroidery software experience. This includes shortcuts, time saving steps and features, explanations, and insight into the “why something is done” a particular way.

— We will be mixing in “non-computer” but machine embroidery related information with all the software instructions. For example, part of what you will learn is how to look at designs in Embrilliance and “know ahead of time” if the design would stitch well on a particular fabric or if it can be resized successfully. Going hand in hand with this type of information are discussions on stabilizers, threads, needles and “other troubleshooting techniques” that you can add to your arsenal of knowledge.

— Leave the embroidery machines at home! Lisa has SO MUCH information, tips, tricks and techniques to share with you, that you do not want to miss any part of it.  By keeping the focus on the software, we are able to become very comfortable with the computer part of our machine embroidery passion. The “lightbulb moments” will be plentiful!  In the first session, we love to hear “OMG, I can go home now!” at least once — and guess what?  We’re not going anywhere!  So be prepared for a fun filled learning experience!

— Gayle & Lisa plan this cruise as a group but it is also your time  – so if you’d rather skip an afternoon session and watch the belly flop contest on deck – Enjoy!  We arrange to have dinner seating together for early or late dining.  The port days are for you to enjoy on your own – just remember to be back on board before the ship sails away 🙂

Details – Prices below are per person based on double occupancy and include all port charges and taxes.*

Inside cabin  $707.00          Oceanview Cabin  $832.00 

Boardwalk view with Balcony  $908.00    Oceanview with balcony  $958.00

Space is limited, so act now.  Reserve for as little as $500 per cabin down.

*Class fee for those booked with our travel agent with be $150.

NOTE: For those flying in the day before, we will be arranging group rates at a hotel and private round trip shuttle bus.  No worries about getting to the port or back to the airport.  This way you board the ship rested and ready to have a great time with new/old friends!

If you are on Facebook – here is a group that we have setup for those interested in getting information, finding a room mate, and more!  Its a great way to get to know your fellow cruise-mates before we set sail! Link to Facebook group

Download the PDF Cruise flyer!

Click here for more information!     Fill out this form or send an email to Gayle