StitchArtist L3 Magic Wand Line Tool

Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet.  I was playing with StitchArtist L3 today and thought I would make a quick video showing how to use the Magic Wand Line tool.  The artwork used in this video is referred to as “digitizer friendly” and is from one of my “go to” graphic websites, Clipartopolis.

The purpose of this tool is to create a double run embroidery design from a line style bitmap image without any jumps.  So a continuous outline – just like putting your pencil on the paper and not lifting it until the drawing is complete.  Simple drawings can be completed without drawing over the same line twice.  More complicated drawings have to have some repeats.

What’s nice about this function is that the software creates the objects and decides what job will they have.  The choices are Run, Return, and Double.

Double is easy -the stitching will start and end at the same point – like a letter S.  Stitching will begin at the lower left, travel up to the end of the S curve and then turn around and return to where it started.

Sometimes you have to travel someplace and and then eventually return over that same section.  The travel is the run and can have one set of stitch properties and the Return is the finishing stitch that will be on top of the run.  This video explains how each of these work and how you can use the Quick Styles to update the look of your design by assigning different stitch properties to your Return and Double quick styles.

Here is a link to the video!

If you think this is pretty cool and eventually decide to upgrade to StitchArtist L3, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link to do so.  It doesn’t cost you anything  but I make a small commission which allows me to continue to create videos such as this.

Enjoy!  Until next time – happy stitching!

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