EEM Workshops & Seminars

I am teaching Embrilliance classes at the Everything Embroidery Markets in 2019. I have arranged to teach hands-on software classes at both locations the day before the show opens so that you do not miss out on any of the classes or vending hours during the show.

Below are descriptions for both the hands-on workshops & lecture/seminars. All registration is done through the EEM Show website for each location.

Personalizing Projects with Embrilliance Essentials hands on workshop

Embrilliance Essentials can open up a whole new work in your machine embroidery adventures! It allows you to be even more creative and design new and personalized embroidery projects. In this hands on class, we will use Embrilliance Essentials to merge designs, change and remove elements from existing designs, add lettering and more. The tools in Essentials allow you to easily change up the designs in your stash. They will quickly become one of a kind personalized expressions that you will enjoy stitching.

Digitizing with Embrilliance StitchArtist hands on workshop

Digitizing software allows you to transform your ideas into a stitch file that you can send to the machine. We will learn about the tools in StitchArtist that you can use to create whatever it is that you want. We will create a personalized key fob and move on to embossed designs to stitch on towels and more- this class is all about “how to make projects such as these a reality using StitchArtist”.

Digitizing from SVG cut files – seminar/lecture

If you have an electronic cutting machine, you have hundreds if not thousands of cut files in your stash that you use for vinyl & paper. SVG, FCM, or Studio files – these are what we will be working with because they can be brought into Embrilliance StitchArtist as already drawn objects. Some of these can be transformed into embroidery designs for personal use. This class will show you how to choose SVG files that are “digitizing friendly” and walk you through selecting and assigning stitch types that will work for the various objects. See how to create coordinating embroidery designs from files that you use for vinyl and paper!

Embrilliance Enthusiast – It’s more than just Knockdown stitches! – seminar/lecture

In this class you’ll see how to easily “snag and combine elements” from existing embroidery designs using the stitch editing of Embrilliance Enthusiast. The utility menu features such as carousel, mirror x4 and instant repeat can be used creatively to create frames, wreaths and allover fabric designs. These functions also provide time saving efficiency when used with StitchArtist OR when setting up multiple designs in a hoop such as key fobs or felties. Come see what creative customizing you can do with Embrilliance Enthusiast!

Make it Personal with Embrilliance Essentials – seminar/lecture

For many of us, the very first project we did (or will do) with our embroidery machine involved adding a name or monogram to an existing design. So much FUN, EASY & CREATIVE things can be done with the lettering tool – and when you work with BX fonts in the Embrilliance software – the creative opportunities are off the charts! From adding names appliqué designs to creating & inserting a monogram into an in the hoop project to designing shaped/enveloped artistic lettering for logos, baseballs and more – this class is going to bursting at the seams with all sorts of personalization options using the lettering tool of Embrilliance Essentials and BX fonts. And if you are new to machine embroidery – come to this class and become inspired with the possibilities! Less calories than chocolate but just as addictive and enjoyable 🙂

Some Information on the Hands on Workshops

This is a hands on software class.  Although not required, you will want to bring your laptop, mouse, mousepad AND POWER CORD.  We will have electricity to all tables and most batteries last a couple hours but why tempt fate?

When you get there, we will check you in, you will set up your laptops and we will copy the class files and handouts from a USB drive to your desktop.  I provide all the files used in the class.  If you have a new laptop (some of the new Mac laptops for example) that needs an adaptor to use a usb drive, please bring it.

If you are taking BOTH hands on workshops, there will be a break (quiet time) between sessions so that I can regroup and give this second class my complete attention.  The room will be secure at this time but you can NOT stay with anything you leave in the room.

Be sure that you have installed the most current version of the Embrilliance program. You can find the version you have installed by going to the Help menu and choosing About on windows or Embrilliance > About Embrilliance on a Mac.  FIND THE VERSION AND DATE – check for update doesn’t give you the information you need.  Go to the Embrilliance website.  Click on Downloads.  Check the version you are running with the version shown on this page.  Are they the same – great!  If they are different, download the update, close all programs and install the update.  Verify it installed.

If you do not own Essentials or StitchArtist and are going to be using the Demonstration version – this is also found on the Downloads page.  When you open the Demonstration version,  it asks you to choose the program you want to try.  If it asks for a serial number, this is NOT the demo. Close it and go get the demo from the downloads page.

For those that will be using the demonstration version, it can be rather intimidating to come to a hands on class where there are others who have already bee using the software and have experience with the user interface and how things work.  The Essentials and StitchArtist playlists on youtube have a wealth of information available.

Learning to digitize is not something that happens after one class.  However, if you watch videos and play with the demonstration version, you will be well on your way to understanding how to customize and create embroidery designs using the Embrilliance programs.