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Everything Embroidery Market in Chattanooga

One of my favorite events to participate in is the Everything Embroidery Market.  This event is held mid October. I will be teaching 2 hands on software classes on the day before the event opens.  These compliment the lecture classes that I will teach during the event.

I really do enjoy machine embroidery. I am excited to share my experiences & knowledge with those that are interested in learning more about this wonderful “passion”.  Usually when someone says they are “taking a computer software class”, the reaction is closer to what you might see if someone said “I am going to have a root canal”.  Not something to look forward to or wish you got to do more often 🙂

This is FAR from the reaction I get from those who sign up for my classes! In fact, I am already getting messages asking when I am going to send out the pre-class homework for the hands on class!  Did you ever think you would be excited to get homework? Crazier things have happened – but I truly enjoy the enthusiasm and building excitement for learning.

The available classes for this event have been published for a few months. How awesome is that?  Perfect for those wanting to plan for a weekend getaway with friends! No last minute rushing to see if there is going to be any classes on Embrilliance or photography or vinyl cutting! Visit the website and check out the classes offered. Read about the instructors teaching the classes. Best part – when you sign up for the class so you don’t have to worry about not getting a seat!  No worries about getting “bumped” from these classes –  as they will not be oversold 🙂

I mentioned that the classes have been listed for months – so have the vendors!  The shopping at the EEM will be fabulous.  There is a great variety of products offered by experts who are passionate about what they have to offer to enhance your machine embroidery experience. From blanks, to electronic cutting machines, fabric & designs, to vinyl, and embroidery machines and of course Embrilliance software – you will be able to check out all that these vendors have to offer in ONE location.

If you are looking to attend an event for either the shopping or educational opportunities or both, the Everything Embroidery Market is THE place to be this fall.  Check out the schedule on their website and I hope to see you there!

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