Fun & Useful Travel Sewing Kit project – from Mandalei Quilts

Travel-Kit-Tutorial-800-x-1200-WeAllSew-BERNINA-Blog-8-300x225@2xI have many of those cheap-o sewing kits that I travel with, just in case of emergency, but they really do not take away much of the stress that comes with a “sewing emergency”.   I say that because I’ve had needles bend, threads knot and tangle because it is so low quality etc.  I have said to myself many a time “if I just had MY sewing stuff, this problem would be solved a long time ago.


So when I saw this blog post at the We All Sew blog, I just knew that I needed to make up one of these.  I bet this would make a lovely gift for someone who sews or travels or both!  I’m sure that anyone who has dealt with those bendable sewing needles would appreciate such a lovely and thoughtful gift!

I will be including my favorite Kai 5100 scissors, wonder clips, Tulip hand sewing needle and more. This is such a fabulous idea – I even have a cute clutch that almost got donated because I probably wouldn’t use it again.  Love to reuse cute things from my closet!


Sewing Travel Kit made from a Clutch

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