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Hands on Embrilliance Classes for 2018

We are starting to figure out and finalize our 2018 hands on Embrilliance software class schedule.  I am so thankful that my friend and colleague Gayle is taking care of all the locations and scheduling bit!  Our 2017 events gave us much experience with the whole hands on event planning & execution – we are using all of that information to set up our 2018 events.

I will be teaching classes at my two favorite machine embroidery trade shows this year – the Everything Embroidery Market in Biloxi, MS and the Applique Getaway in Grapevine TX.   Registration for both of these events should begin early next year – so be sure to visit each of these websites and sign up for the newsletters!  Hands on classes at these events sell out quickly so if you are interested in classes and shopping and networking at a tradeshow event – don’t dilly dally when the registration opens!

The events that Gayle and I are arranging are going to be about Embrilliance.  We already announced the Embrilliance At Sea 7 day cruise out of Florida in September.  For those looking for “dry land” classes – we have just added information pages for February in Florida and March in Frisco, TX.

The Florida event is a very unique and personalized event that has limited spots available.  For those that wish they could spend 3 full days learning the Embrilliance software without having to leave the “house” – this is the event for you.  And when we say “leave the house”….oh you have to visit the Florida Exclusive Inclusive Embrilliance Getaway with Lisa Shaw page to see this “house”.  I think we will have a hard time returning to our “normal lives” after this.

We also wanted to put on an “a la carte” style event to accommodate those that just wanted customizing classes using Essentials, AlphaTricks, DRK, & Enthusiast as well as those that wanted more in depth classes on digitizing with StitchArtist.  Our first location with this plan will be in March in Frisco, TX and you can find out all the information on this event here.  Frisco, TX classes information link

So, the scheduling has begun!  We hope to add other locations in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check back in a few weeks!

Until next time!  Happy Stitching!

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