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Handy Organizers for Those that Sew

As I was browsing through some new blogs from the sewing/quilting industry, I came upon one called “Moose Droppings” from Purple Moose Designs.  OF COURSE the name in itself required a second look at the very least 🙂  I have fond memories of riding through Yellowstone National Park on the back of the motorcycle calling “here moose-y moose-y!” much to Nick’s dismay.  Did not see a moose on that trip – I probably didn’t have the right timbre for my moose call at the time – but I just adore all majestic animals.  And if you haven’t seen the videos of moose playing in the sprinklers in Alaska, this of course is a must see!

So what does this have to do with machine embroidery or sewing?  Not a single thing except that you can see why I needed to check out this sewing blog because of my love of all things moose 🙂

So the name got me to look, and this post had some organizing tools that I had not seen before.  My sewing room is a complete disaster and I can’t seem to find anything when I need it.  I think organizing needs to become a priority in 2016. You might want to check this blog post out if you’re looking for some handy organizers.


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