HandsOn Embrilliance Classes – Humble (Houston), TX

When: May 16-18, 2024
Where: Humble, TX
Hampton Inn & Suites – 20515 Highway 59 N, Humble TX 77338

Class Times:  Classroom opens at 8:30am  We run from 9-3:30 with a break for lunch.  Details on the individual class pages in the FAQ

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About this event:

This 3 day event has flexible registration to accommodate more people and cover what everyone wants to learn. Event will be capped at 24 people per day. Each day we focus on one program.  This allows anyone with the ONE program to take the class at the beginner level – no pre-requisites other than the recommended pre class preparation. Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist are the three programs we devote a full day to learning. I am also adding an “NOT Newbie aka Intermediate StitchArtist session” in the evening which will follow a different format explained further on.

Three Days a la carte – sign up for what you want to learn!

The classroom opens at 8:30am so that you can get situated with your computers set up.  We start the class at 9am.  We take about an hour+  break for lunch (boxed lunches are brought in)   We start wrapping up around 3:30 so that we are done and out of the room by 4:00.

Yes, you can sign up for one day, two days or if you really REALLY feel up to it, all 3 days.  I say “really REALLY feel up to it” because for many, taking 3 full days of hands on classes sounds like a great idea and it can be too much.  It’s very easy to go on overload and have “mush brain” after trying to cram all the learning in.  Been there as both a student and a teacher so I try to warn people :-).  Because of this “mush brain” there is no discount to taking more than one day of classes.

If you are brand new to Embrilliance – maybe you just got Essentials or don’t have any software yet – or you just want someone to walk you through the programs at a basic pace…..Day 1 is for you. We cover the user interface, lettering, stitch simulator and more.

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Day 2 is all about the features of Enthusiast – from the automated functions  to stitch editing. We will only be working with the tools in Enthusiast.  We will cover a quick overview of the program interface for those that are new and only have Enthusiast.

Day 2 info & REGISTER

Day 3 is just StitchArtist.  We will start with only level 1 functions in the morning to get us started and move on to level 2 functions as the day progresses.  Can you take the class with only level 1 – sure.  When we start talking about the satin column another other level 2 functions you can either work in Level 1 with the tools available to you and  listen to learn about the features and functions available in Level 2 or work in the demonstration version if you want to push the buttons.

Just like the Embrilliance software, each Day can be taken on its own.  However, because of the specific nature of Day 3, we make a few assumptions:

1. that you are familiar with the user interface of the program,

2.that you WILL watch the beginning digitizing video before class.  This just means you have some homework to do before class to get the most out of it 🙂

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The NOT beginner StitchArtist evening workshop(s) will be more of a “study group” 2-1/2 hour session – from 5pm to 7:30pm. We will have a max of 18 people per session. Is this class for you?  Do you own StitchArtist but haven’t used it yet?  No, this class is NOT for you. If you have been playing around in StitchArtist and have done a few things but want to get more comfortable, quicker and get better results on the first test sew – 100% YES these workshops are for you!

The class registration screen has the links to the newsletter with the graphics that you will digitize on your own in your style no restrictions.  You will then send back your BE file and bring in your test sew so we have a starting place for what we will talk about.  Each of these sessions is for those that are already digitizing in StitchArtist and are looking for guidance to improve, streamline and enhance their skill level.  Prerequisite class work is required. They are independent sessions.  Yes, you can sign up for both.

Workshop #1 May 16 info & REGISTER Workshop #2 May 17 info & REGISTER

About Lisa Shaw

 Class Session Pricing:

 Day 1 Essentials $175          Day 2 Enthusiast  $175          Day 3 StitchArtist $200
(the above all day classes include a box lunch delivered to the hotel)

Advanced StitchArtist workshops                  May 16 Workshop    $75           May 17 Workshop  $75
(bring your own snack/beverage if you like to munch as you digitize)

*In order to register for the Advanced Stitch Artist sessions only you must already own and be familiar with StitchArtist PLEASE ask questions ahead of time.  Click here for the cancellation policy.

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So there you have the information on this event – YES we will have fun and learn so much!

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If you are on Facebook – here is a group that we have setup for those interested in getting information, finding a roommate, and more!  Finding Embrilliance Classes on Facebook