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How much binding do you need? Refer to I Plead Quilty go-to calculations!

Those of you that follow me know that I am not a quilter but I do create many projects and samples that use a “quilter’s binding” as the finishing edge.  I actually enjoy the hand sewing involved in putting on a binding in this fashion so it is my go-to finishing technique.

I’m not an experienced quilter, but using the straight of grain binding (instead of cutting bias binding) works for most of my projects.  Because I normally get my fabric from my stash – I’m really trying to make a dent in it – calculating how much I need has not been a priority.  I find the fabric I like, cut a bunch of 2.5″ width of fabric (WOF) strips, seam together and use my Simplicity Bias Tape binding machine to do the folding and pressing for me.  I always have extra binding at the end and that gets rolled up and added back to the stash just in case I need a bit of binding for a future project.

But today, I am looking to add binding to a table runner and found the fabric I want, but there is not alot of it.  So it would be nice to know before hand if I have enough WOF to make my strips.  That is when knowing how to calculate the amount needed comes in handy and this blog post from I Plead Quilty has a great explanation to figuring out the math.

Just another tidbit of information I found from one of my co-bloggers in the #31daybloggingchallenge.  Remember that I am moving my blog to this new location so if you want to get notifications when I make new posts, be sure to use the subscribe link at the bottom of the right column.


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