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Newsletter sent out 2018 Schedule set

I forgot to post this after I sent out the newsletter last week!  If you missed the newsletter, you can find the online version here.  The big news – and its been updated since then – is that we have finalized all of the hands on Embrilliance event locations for 2018 and posted them all to the website.  I will be updating with hotel information but all of the dates and locations and class information has been posted.

Link to the 2018 schedule

We tried to find locations centrally located to various areas.  I understand that I will not be in everyone’s neighborhood  – just not possible for me to travel everywhere 🙂  But that is why youtube is so wonderful!  You can access the Embrilliance videos from anywhere!

If you did not get the newsletter, first, be sure that you have signed up.  Second be sure that you have added Sew-Bubbles.com to your safe sender list – you may have to contact your internet service provider for instructions on how to make this happen.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday!  Lisa

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