Location for Embrilliance Bootcamps

This poll is collecting data since the Facebook group poll is a bit out of control.  I only do 4-6 events a year.  These are the most popular locations that I am considering for 2025. You can find my travel schedule for In person and online education here.

If this poll is displaying oddly – ie you can’t tell what to select easily – scroll to the bottom, and choose view results and the page should reset.  You can only vote once per year, so please read all of the locations and options!

If none of the locations work for you, please only choose None of the Above.  Thank you!

Once you click on VOTE at the bottom, your choices are registered and you can view the results so far.

If you are on Facebook, be sure to join my education group – it is where I make announcements and post direct links to videos, classes and trade shows that I participate in so you would be the first to know. Be sure to answer all the questions.

How would you travel to an event that's offered?

The ALL Day classes run 3 consecutive days - Essentials, Enthusiast, StitchArtist. Does the day of the week matter?

Which is the best month for you to take classes?

The Embrilliance Bootcamps will be held in or walking distance or next door to a hotel. Trying to gauge how important a room block for pricing is. choose 1

In planning for 2025 locations, I need to narrow my investigation list down to 4-6 possible areas. Criteria for me is a decent sized airport (I fly American & Alaska). Hotel shuttle is a bonus. Choose up to 3.

In the evening, I offer StitchArtist intermediate workshops and the following is in regards to these 2-1/2 hour sessions.