Thanks for sharing your choices with me!

How would you travel to an event that was offered? Choose 1 or 2

Drive - I'm a road warrior
448 Votes
Plane - I'm ok with flying
211 Votes
Local drive/bus/train only - must be within an hour from my house
129 Votes

The Embrilliance Bootcamps will be held in or walking distance or next door to a hotel. Trying to gauge how important a room block for pricing is. choose 1

I would stay at the hotel - want to roll out of bed and into the classroom like Lisa does.
362 Votes
Depending on the location I might stay home, I might stay at other hotel
176 Votes
I will only attend local to me so would not stay at the hotel.
79 Votes

In planning for 2024 locations, I need to narrow my investigation list down to 4-6 possible areas. Criteria for me is a decent sized airport (I fly American & Alaska). Hotel shuttle is a bonus. Choose up to 3.

Atlanta, GA - Perimeter Center
103 Votes
Nashville, TN
92 Votes
Charlotte, NC
79 Votes
Houston, TX - Kingwood
59 Votes
Jacksonville, FL
56 Votes
Baltimore, MD
55 Votes
Knoxville, TN
51 Votes
None of these locations work for me - maybe next year!
47 Votes
Cincinnati, OH
47 Votes
San Diego, CA
44 Votes
Farmington, CT
43 Votes
Kansas City, MO - near MCI airport
42 Votes
St. Louis, MO
41 Votes
Buffalo, NY
40 Votes
Austin, TX
35 Votes
Denver, CO
35 Votes
Chicago, IL - Roselle
33 Votes
San Antonio, TX
33 Votes
Tyler, TX
29 Votes
San Luis Obispo, CA
28 Votes
Seattle, WA - Puyallup
24 Votes
Lake Charles, LA
23 Votes
Minneapolis, MN
22 Votes
San Antonio, TX
17 Votes
Phoenix, AZ
10 Votes
Australia, New Zealand - I work thru Echidna Sew Products so they are the ones to chat with
8 Votes

Full day classes are Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist - all taught at the beginner level. In the evenings I offer StitchArtist workshops and the following is in regards to these 2-1/2 hour sessions.

I am interested and would sign up if offered
382 Votes
I am interested but I don't feel confident in my StitchArtist skills (Lisa needs to rework the description)
124 Votes
I don't digitize or am not interested
111 Votes