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Pre-Applique Getaway Hands-on Embrilliance Classes

Since we had so much fun last year with pre-Applique Getaway hands on Embrilliance classes — I’ve worked it out with the event and the hotel to do this again!  You can find information under the Shop link on my website!  If you are looking to register for the Applique Getaway and the lecture demo classes I am teaching there – please visit their website!

There will be two hands on class sessions – the first is on customizing existing designs and the second is on digitizing.  I’m used to teaching people of all skill levels, so even if you are completely new to Embrilliance, you are welcome to take these classes.  Yes, you can even take the classes using the demo version.  Yes, two people can share one computer, but you both have to register for class.

However, no one wants to be completely clueless in class.  So I HIGLY recommend to everyone that takes either class to take 24 minutes and watch and listen (hands on your lap) to the Quick Tips Playlist on the Embrilliance YouTube channel.  I will know right away if you did not do this.  Trust me – I will know.  24 minutes – hands on lap to watch and listen – those of you that have taken my classes know that you will pay better attention when your hands are on your lap 🙂

If you are taking the StitchArtist class – you should really watch the video on how to draw in StitchArtist.  At LEAST this one video from the StitchArtist playlist. Not only does it cover how to draw with points, but it also explains about nodes and how they are control points for the object.  And after you watched and listened to the video, you should open StitchArtist and draw wavy lines, curvy waves, and greek key lines with few nodes like I did in the video so that you become comfortable with the concept.  I can’t draw – I can digitize.  You will not learn how to draw in a 3 hour class.  I will share with you LOTS of digitizing tips, tricks and techniques so that you understand the program and can focus on the digitizing.

For more information on these classes – please visit this page!

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