Atlanta StitchArtist Workshop 3/14/2024


StitchArtist Work in Progress Workshop!

An evening powwow for digitizers! March 14, 2024 5-730pm

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Location: Perimeter, GA (Atlanta area)

Courtyard by Marriott

6250 Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd
Atlanta, GA  30328


When: 5pm – 730pm the room opens at 4:45pm so that we can set up your computers.

Date: March 14, 2024

Room: Conference Room

Class size is limited to 24 students

There are TWO sessions.  You can sign up for one or both.

Backstory: Tonight is all about digitizing in the StitchArtist software that you already own.  Over the years of teaching, I have been noodling around on the idea of offering some sort of “advanced StitchArtist workshop”.  A sort of “pow wow” session where those that are currently using the software can get together and learn software techniques beyond the basics.  Beyond the how-to use the software instruction in my traditional hands on classes.

The “hurdles” that I had to address was how do I offer a class for only those that actually digitize in StitchArtist on a regular basis?  Hey – I’m not being mean, I just wanted to create a level playing field.  My regular classes are open to all skill levels – we have those that just bought the software because they were coming to class :-). If you are reading this and just bought StitchArtist and are planning on taking the StitchArtist all day class – the workshops are not for you – this time :-).  There are exceptions of course – those that enjoy taking my hands on classes to glean the shortcuts and time saving techniques that I teach because they are pretty comfortable with the software.

Class Content: This is how these sessions are going to work.  Everyone that has registered for a StitchArtist Workshop will get a link WHEN THEY REGISTER with a selection of graphics I have curated.  As soon as you register, the link is on the confirmation page.  Before class you will need to digitize something AND STITCH THEM OUT (at least once) before you come to class – and bring this to class.  Piles of test sews -doesn’t have to be a finished item.  You will need to send me the BE file two weeks before class if you want me to address something specific that you are struggling with or looking for a better way to do.  The information will be in the email with the graphics.

Here is your warning…

Yes, in other classes you just have to show up and I do all the work to teach you all that I know about the topic at hand 🙂  After class you go home and put what you learned into action.  This class – you have to do the work before class so that what we talk about during class is exactly what you want to learn more about BUT you’ve already put forth the energy to try it the first time. I’m trying out this format because I hear “I want to learn how to create appliqué designs better” and the person has actually been afraid to try creating an appliqué design. You’re not going to “create anything better” because you haven’t created anything yet.

I talk a lot about what you learn from your test sew and what adjustments you make in the software after the test sew…. now you are coming to class with your test sew so I can be there with you as you make your adjustments and we can compare what we see in software vs what we see in person.  And if you simply flood fill your objects with stitches, stitch them out to “fulfill the requirement” of doing a test sew – this is not the class for you.

The class size is smaller.  We are skipping all the intro instructions and jumping right into what you have digitized.  My “plan” is that because everyone will be sending me their BE files ahead of time, I will have time to create some sort of lesson plan for our 2-1/2 hours together.  So the class is all about the students and their input – I just have to show up and have fun explaining and exploring different options!

Requirements: Laptop (if you plan to take the class as hands-on), power supply, mouse, mousepad, Embrilliance software installed, authorized, and up to date.  See FAQ below for update information!!

We are not stitching anything, so NO machines are used – this is a software only class.  If you are borrowing or using a brand new to you laptop, please take time to become familiar with the computer and how it works before coming to class.  Reminders are sent the weeks before class, so be sure that you have added to your safe sender list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I want to take this class with a friend.  How do we register together?

A: Each person must purchase separately – one person can not purchase more than one class.

Q: How do I get the graphics to digitize?

A: Your registration confirmation page has the links to the download files with all of the information.  Read everything carefully.

Q: I want to stay at the hotel, how do I make reservations?

A: Contact the hotel directly or use your favorite booking engine.

Please note that we will be turning OFF wifi for class so that we are not hindered by operating system or other automatic updates.

Q: Can I take the class with the demonstration version?

A: NO.  This class has pre-requisite homework that needs to be sent in and stitched.  See the information that you downloaded from the confirmation page.

Q: What operating system do I have to have?

A: Windows or Mac – both are fine.  Install the software before hand and you will be good to go!

Q: How do I know if I am “up to date”?

A: The current version of the Embrilliance platform is always available on the Embrilliance website.  There is ONE installation program for the Embrilliance platform AND it is also the update for all programs.  To check the version that YOU are running, open your Embrilliance software and go to Help > About on Windows and Embrilliance > About Embrilliance on Mac.  Make a note of the version number that is listed here.  Go to the Embrilliance website and click on the Downloads page link.  You will see Embrilliance platform listed with the current version for each operating system.  If your About window does NOT have the same version shown on this page, you need to download the update.  Once the file has finished downloading YOU MUST close all programs and run the downloaded file.  Once you have run the installation/update program, your About window will show the current version.  PLEASE do this before arriving to class!  ESPECIALLY if you are having trouble!!  And if you are having trouble — the absolute BEST AND FASTEST way to get help is to click on the Contact Us link to send a message to tech support!  They answer every message sent to them within 24 hours – even on the weekends and over holidays!  

Q: What time should I arrive for class?

A: The classroom will be open at 4:45pm and class will start promptly at 5pm.  If you need a bit of time to setup or want to get a front row or aisle seat, I would arrive promptly.

Q: What if I change my mind – is the class fee refundable?

A: There are no refunds.  If you don’t know if you can attend, please don’t sign up. If you are unable to attend, you can find someone else to purchase your spot and contact me to switch out the registration. To view the cancellation policy, click here.

Q: I want to purchase the software to use the full program in class.

A: Contact me for event special pricing before the show and we can make arrangements or you can purchase at the event.

If you have other questions, please let me know!


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