Baby Bib

Grime5x7_pesThese directions have been reprinted with permission from Kim Goodwin who posted them on the BBD list.

I’ve added a few graphics to help explain how to make the bibs.

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Zoo Animal Quilt

zooqlt-sHere are some simple directions to create a sampler baby quilt that showcase some embroidery designs.

It is the first quilt that I’ve actually started and finished in a reasonable amount of time…I’ve never finished any of the others I’ve started 🙂

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Flip Flop Tote

tote1This totebag was a “challenge” for Jenny’s Sewing Studio Embroidery Extravaganza 2005. The theme for the “vest challenge” was Slippahs or Flip Flops – obviously I only followed part of the directions.

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