StitchArtist Workshop

StitchArtist Advanced Workshop submission
Please use this form to submit your BE working files created for the StitchArtist Advanced Workshops. Yes, you can submit multiple files/designs.
Yes, I'd like to know how to answer questions based upon the tools currently available to you. In some cases, this can be a learning experience in why you may want to upgrade at some point in the future.
Choose where you are taking this class! I am teaching it in multiple locations and I want to stay organized - THANK YOU 🙂
Use this section to talk to me ahead of time about your digitizing project. This is where YOU help me develop my teaching plan. What would you like more tips or guidance on? Maybe you created a 3D foam design and you want cleaner lettering. Maybe your small logo has too much detail and it looks muddy. Maybe your appliqué has a million jumps and you want to learn more on sequencing objects. Maybe you digitized an entire alphabet and and struggling to publish it. Maybe you had trouble with a few letters of that alphabet and want some pointers?

Uploading your files

Power user tip! Add your Name, comments and questions directly to your BE working file!

Adding NOTES to your BE file

Select your DESIGN in the object pane, click on the Notes tab and add your name, comments, and things you want to discuss in the workshop!

Save your BE file so that you have the same info.  Remember that you do NOT need to send me any BE files that you have not already done a test sew for!

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
Please ZIP your BE file before trying to upload it. You will get an error message if you try to upload unzipped BE files. I do NOT need any stitch files 🙂 NOTE: Do not send BE files that you have not yet stitched. Step 1 is digitizing. Step 2 is test sew. Step 3 is sending your BE file with your comments.