Setting jump stitches correctly using Embrilliance Enthusiast

ENTH stitchedit1Your machine determines when it will trim the thread.  Some machines trim at the end of an color break,while others will trim when they find a correct jump in the embroidery design.  You can not change how your machine functions, but you can use the stitch editing functions of Embrilliance Enthusiast to ensure that your machine will properly stitch the design as you expect it to.

Sometimes you will open an embroidery design and you will “see” long stitches such as those shown in the picture to the left.  When the jumps have been set correctly in a design, they will be invisible in realistic 3D view.  A “correct” jump stitch will have locking stitches at each end, so that when the “jump” is trimmed by machine OR by hand, the stitches will not unravel.

There are a variety of reasons as to why a design will have long stitches instead of jumps. The important thing to note is that your machine will attempt to “stitch” a long stitch instead of simply relocating the needle from point A to point B.  What this means is that there may be no locking stitch at either end.  Your machine will “walk” or “travel” along the path of the long stitch in the direction of point B, putting the needle down to take a stitch when it reaches its maximum stitch length.  So instead of having a single long thread to cut, you have to pick out all the stitches along the path.  Its a bit difficult to explain in words, but for those that have stitched designs that have long stitches instead of jumps, you know exactly what I am talking  about.ENTH_StitchEdit2

If you have a design with these long stitches open in Embrilliance Enthusiast, you can go into stitch editing, put your mouse on top of the visible long stitch and you will notice that the endpoint of that thread is highlighted in white – left click to select.  While on that long stitch, Right click to get the popup menu.  Choose Jump & Ensure ties.  This will set the thread to a jump stitch, making it invisible when realistic 3D view is on, and will also put locking stitches at both ends.

ENTH_StitchEdit3If your machine trims at jump stitches, it will now  do so.  If you have to manually trim jumps within a color, you will be able to do so with confidence that the design’s stitches on either end of the jump will not unravel after trimming.

For more information about the Embrilliance programs such as this feature of Embrilliance Enthusiast, please use my link to visit their website.  If you are looking to purchase and would like to see if I have a discount available, send me an email!

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