Sketch Flowerpot Essentials Afterhours

As part of my Facebook Afterhours broadcast, I offered up this design as a free download.  It is a zipped file in the BE format.  You can open this into the Embrilliance platform to customize as you would like.  If you have StitchArtist, the objects are exposed so that you can see the stitch settings that I used when creating this design.

Because it is a StitchArtist BE file, you can resize it and the sketch areas will repopulate with the same density – except for the pink flower petals – the reasoning is explained in the broadcast if you are interested in why.  

For more information on my live Afterhour broadcasts, please visit the following page.  To see what I’m working on to release in April click here. Yes, its a work in progress – I still have a few days before my April 12th two year anniversary!

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