Cute Spider Digitizing Challenge

As I was thinking about the upcoming fall holidays for 2021, I recall the last in person classes that I taught in Nashville, Chicago, and Atlanta last year. First, I can not believe that an entire year has past!  Second, I was thinking about the hands on digitizing class that we did in each location and thought “hmmm, this would be a fun challenge to bring to Afterhours and my Vimeo Channel”.

So if you watched the Facebook Afterhours last night, you saw that we digitized the sketch version of my funky spider graphic.  In case you missed the live broadcast, you can catch the replay on Facebook here.


Yes, I mentioned that I would provide the graphic so that anyone that was interested in learning to use their Embrilliance StitchArtist software could follow along after they had watched the process that I took to create the design.  I zipped this on Mac so if you are on Windows you may see multiple files in the zipped file – ignore or delete the one that begins with the _. There is only ONE JPG and ONE BE  file in the zipped file 🙂

Download the zipped file

If the above button doesn’t work, try this – zipped file

I have also included my BE file in the zipped file for those that do not have StitchArtist and want to simply stitch the design.  Those with StitchArtist will have access to the objects but you will get a better satisfaction creating and stitching your own :-). Its great practice!

In my opinion based on 20+ years of teaching machine embroidery software, the best way to actually learn is to first watch (hands on lap) and then open your software and do what you just watched. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be able to work along with me at the same pace and read my mind :-). I know you want to understand what it is that you are creating and how it is done and why the way I am digitizing this works.  Once you do it “my way”, NOW holy smokes you can start experimenting and playing around with settings to find YOUR way to create a beautiful design!

The Afterhours presentation was done with StitchArtist L1 – its a great beginner project!  For those that are interested, I did record the digitizing of all three versions and have uploaded them to my SewBubbles Vimeo Subscription Channel.  Here is the direct link to that class – if its not linked here when this post goes live I will update this post with the link as soon as it is complete!

Class on how-to digitize the Alvin & Spike versions

Now, please don’t forget that the MOST important part of learning to digitize is doing the test sew and comparing what you see stitched in the hoop with what you created in the software.  We all have different stabilizers, thread, fabric and hooping techniques.  WHEN you study the stitch out of what you created, you learn a whole new layer to the art of digitizing.  You start to train your brain to look at what you see in the software ….and your brain starts to “translate what it sees” into what will stitch.

If you have gaps between an outline and a fill for example – and you’ve ruled out that the problem is not from wonky hooping or stabilizer choice – your brain processes the “software version” and matches it to what it sees on the fabric.  You will make an adjustment, stitch again, the problem is fixed. Again, your brain processes and matches what it sees in software vs fabric.  The next time you have to create an outline around a fill, you will get warning signals in your head.  “hey!  if you don’t make the adjustment now, you’re gonna get a gap like last time”.  Its actually pretty darn cool how it works 🙂

This is why you will hear seasoned digitizers say “a digitizers life revolves around the test sew”.  They aren’t trying to waste your time or discourage you!  This is how you develop skills!  And YES, if you digitize a particular style like sketch embroidery over and over and over and do the test sew and learn from them – you will find that you’re test sews are exactly as you want them so maybe you don’t have to do them any more for the “routine projects”.  I find that I do test sews mostly when I’m trying a new technique or I am stitching on a new fabric or maybe I am trying to push the envelope – for example by reducing underlay and density to see if I can get the same look with less stitches.  But you can’t confidently and consistently get to that point until you put in the time and practice :-). Don’t try to compare your journey to anyone else’s.  You can do this at your pace so go have some fun!!

I would love to see your stitch outs – that shows me that you are “training your brain” to digitize :-). PLUS  – trust me on this – it is such a thrill to watch YOUR design appear under the needle – YOU did the whole thing so HOT DOG! you know I’m cheering with you! If you are on Facebook, please share your photos of your stitched projects on the Embrilliance page or on my SewBubbles page!  But most of all, have fun and enjoy the process!!

If you watched this video and decided to purchase Embrilliance StitchArtist, I would appreciate it if you used my affiliate link to purchase the program from the Embrilliance website.  You get a 90 day money back guarantee, the same support from the company and don’t pay anything more.  Thanks for your support!

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