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Classes on Vimeo

This table contains direct links to the classes I offer on my SewBubbles Vimeo Channel. You can see the titles of each class with a direct link to the description/video and the program whose features are shown in the video. This page will be updated as new classes are added.
Vimeo linkProgram(s) used
In the hoop Quilted CoasterStitchArtist L1
Stitch Editing ExtraEnthusiast
Color Stop EssentialsEssentials
Native FontsStitchArtist L3
Creative Customizing with Library DesignsEssentials, Enthusiast
Remapping a MonogramAlphatricks
Mapping and Fixing a FontAlphaTricks, Enthusiast
Creating Samples/MockupsEssentials, Enthusiast, StitchArtist
StitchEditing Ballet DesignsEnthusiast, Essentials
Start with 2 sisters & make it have 3Enthusiast
Creating a Resource LibraryStitchArtist L3
Digitizing Part1 - the stem & leafStitchArtist
Digitizing Pt.2 - the petalsStitchArtist
Digitizing Pt. 3 - the flower centerStitchArtist
Digitizing Pt. 4 - the test sew roundupStitchArtist - analysis
How to map a folder of lettering designs that has multiple sizes in itAlphaTricks
Discussion on working with artwork to decide stitch type and anglesStitchArtist - analysis
Envelopes and Baselines in Merrowly PatchesMerrowly Patches & relates to StitchArtist
Digitizing Spider ChallengeStitchArtist 1 & 2
Lettering - using alternates & combining lettering from multiple BX fontsEssentials & Express
Creating Embossed FillsStitchArtist L2 using, StitchArtist L3 publishing
How-to Digitize Buffalo PlaidStitchArtist L2
BASICS - opening designs into EmbrillianceALL Embrilliance platform Programs
HowTo Buffalo plaid more infoStitchArtist L2
Adding applique to an existing designStitchArtist L1
Digitizing an In the Hoop Bag tagStitchArtist L1
Jumps & Overlaps preferencesAll Embrilliance platform programs
Creating multiples in a hoop - Instant RepeatEnthusiast, Essentials Color sort
Making a Patch with Merrowly PatchesMerrowly Patches
Resizing BE files - Ribbon FrameEssentials
BASICS - Compass Rose & zoomAll Embrilliance platform programs
HowTo Digitize Love Mug RugStitchArtist L1
Coffee StitchEditing CustomizingEnthusiast
Digitizing Satin lettering from TTF or SVGStitchArtist L2
Quick Styles in SA3 and digitizing planning for all of StitchArtistStitchArtist
Digitizing from a JPG - wavy lettersStitchArtist
St Patrick's Day pillow layout - mirror x4Enthusiast & Essentials
Carousel Customizing & moreEnthusiast
Camping Digitizing Pt1StitchArtist L1 & L2
Design Splitting DiscussionEnthusiast
I'd rather be camping SVG pt 2StitchArtist
Re-digitizing for efficiency - travelsStitchArtist L2
Widening Stitches - compensationEssentials, Enthusiast
Color Sorting in EssentialsEssentials
Romance Layout & SA3 Convert to ObjectsStitchArtist L3
Stitch BX Lettering adjustmentsEssentials
Creating a MugRug from a memeStitchArtist L1
Resizing your StitchArtist DesignStitchArtist 1 StitchArtist L2, StitchArtist L3
Color sorting multiple in the hoop designsEssentials
Digitizing Bandits with SwooshStitchArtist L2 StitchArtist L3
Digitizing In the Hoop Zipper BagStitchArtist L1
Publishing Fonts StitchArtist L3
Digitizing Script writing Let It SnowStitchArtist L1
Lettering CompensationEssentials, Enthusiast
Embroider Recipe classStitchArtist L1, StitchArtist L2, StitchArtist L3
Troubleshoot TrueType fonts & UnionStitchArtist L1, StitchArtist L2, StitchArtist L3
Compass Digitizing DiscussionStitchArtist, StitchArtist L2
Digitizing Intertwined ObjectsStitchArtist
Hive Rules Pt1 - multiple hoop layoutStitchArtist
Hive Rules Pt 2 - Bee digitizing & test sewStitchArtist
Fun with FontsEssentials