About these workshops taught by Lisa Shaw

Here is some general information about the 3 day in person Embrilliance workshops taught by Lisa Shaw.  No machines.  Bring your own computer. These are Embrilliance Software hands on workshop classes.

Class runs from 9am – 4pm
The room opens at 8:30 am so that we can set up your computers.  We will break for lunch and class will start to wrap up around 3:30 for those that plan to drive in for day classes.

Each day session will be capped at 24-36 people per day depending on the location.

ONE program per day taught at the beginner level -Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist.

There are TWO  “intermediate StitchArtist sessions” in the evening from 5pm – 7:30pm that are for those that are already using StitchArtist and want to learn more.  PreClass homework is required as explained below.

All work in done on computer – no machines in the classroom.

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Three Days – a la cart or combination of 2 or 3 days

The classroom opens at 8:30am so that you can get situated with your computers set up.  We start the class at 9am.  We take about an hour-ish  break for lunch (boxed lunches are brought in)   We start wrapping up around 3:30 so that we are done and out of the room by 4:00.

Yes, you can sign up for one day, two days or if you really REALLY feel up to it, all 3 days.  I say “really REALLY feel up to it” because for many, taking 3 full days of hands on classes sounds like a great idea and it can be too much.  Its very easy to go on overload and have “mush brain” after trying to cram all the learning in.  Been there as both a student and a teacher so I try to warn people :-).

Day 1 – Embrilliance Essentials

If you are brand new to Embrilliance – maybe you just got Essentials or don’t have any software yet – or you just want someone to walk you through the programs at a basic pace…..Day 1 is for you.

This is a hands on computer class for Embrilliance Essentials customizing software.  We will go through the basics of the Essentials program from opening designs, resizing, adding lettering, and other customizing functions.  From changing colors to adding new colors and working with parts of designs – the learning won’t stop there!  We will get into the sewing simulator and learn how to check out designs before they stitch – yes you can resize but how do you know when its a good idea – or better yet, when you REALLY REALLY should do a test sew to verify its a good idea.  Bring your questions and come ready to learn. There is so much to the programs, and we will cover lots of tips & tricks to help you customize your designs quickly and easily.

I hate to call this a day for beginners because even those who have been using the programs for years will learn advanced tips and tricks.  However, this day is going to start at the beginning and would be great for those new to the Embrilliance programs.

Day 2 – Embrilliance Enthusiast

Day 2 is all about the features of Embrilliance Enthusiast – from the automated functions  to stitch editing. We will only be working with the tools in Enthusiast.  We will cover a quick overview of the program interface for those that are new and only have Enthusiast.

Many people know Enthusiast for its patented KnockDown(tm) stitches, but there is so much more to the program and that is what we will be playing with.  We will use Enthusiast to create new designs – without digitizing.  The stitch editing of Enthusiast is a very powerful and creative embroidery tool and that is what we are going to focus on.  From taking apart designs to create mini ones to slightly adjusting stitches to including breaking designs to change the stitching order/layers – think intertwined monogram.

Some may think of this as an intermediate class, but that is an incorrect assumption.  We start at the beginning of the Enthusiast program and only talk about features in that program.

Day 3 – Embrilliance StitchArtist

Day 3 is just StitchArtist. Today is all about digitizing – creating your own designs from graphics.  We will be working with the “foundation tools of digitizing”  as we work through the process of developing your plan and working with different stitch types.  For the majority of the class,  we will be working with StitchArtist level 1. This is a BEGINNER class and I welcome those with zero digitizing experience.   Late afternoon, when we start talking about satin stitches – as in swirls and lettering – these controls are part of StitchArtist L2. We will point out differences in the tools for each level – for example, gradients and curved fills are in StitchArtist L2 – but the main focus of this class is to learn the basics and definitions so that you can explore and continue your learning on your own when you get home.

Just like the Embrilliance software, each Day can be taken on its own.  However, because of the specific nature of Day 3, we make a few assumptions:  1. that you are familiar with the user interface of the program, 2.that you WILL watch the beginning digitizing video before class.  This just means you have some homework to do before class to get the most out of it 🙂

Intermediate StitchArtist evening workshops

The intermediate StitchArtist evening workshop(s) will be more of a “study group” 2-1/2 hour session – from 5pm to 7:30pm. We will have a max of 24 people per session.  The class registration screen has the links to the newsletter with the graphics that you will digitize on your own in your style no restrictions.  You will then submit your BE file using the linked form from the information page and bring in your test sew so we have a starting place for what we will talk about.  Each of these sessions is for those that are already digitizing in StitchArtist and are looking for guidance to improve, streamline and enhance their skill level.  Prerequisite class work is required. They are independent sessions.  Yes, you can sign up for both.

Class Session Pricing

   Day 1 Essentials $175.00         Day 2 Enthusiast $175.00         Day 3 StitchArtist $200.00
(the above all day classes include a box lunch delivered to the hotel)

Intermediate StitchArtist workshops

Day 1 evening Session#1    $75            Day 2 evening Session #2  $75
(bring your own snack/beverage if you like to munch as you digitize)

NOTE: Yes, the Intermediate Sessions take place BEFORE the all day StitchArtist class.
In order to register for the Intermediate StitchArtist sessions you must already own and be familiar digitizing in StitchArtist

Click here for the cancellation policy.  In short – these are non-refundable classes – just like purchasing a ticket to a concert.

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