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YouTube Resources and more

Education is very important to me and I really do enjoy teaching people to use their software.  This blog post will give you some tips and tricks to accessing the online education available to you.  I have also compiled some of this information into a PDF that you can download.

Resource PDF for download

As many of you know, I create many of the videos for the Embrilliance YouTube channel.  This is ONE of the reasons why it is very important to me that people vote for the Embrilliance YouTube channel in this year’s Reggie Award (voting ends December 12, 2019).  To everyone that has taken time out of their busy schedule to vote – THANK YOU!  If you’d like more information on the awards and how to vote, please visit this link on the Embrilliance website.

So while I was preparing to teach Embrilliance classes at Echidna Sewing Products a few weeks ago, I decided to create a video showing people exactly HOW TO USE YouTube in a very basic but easy way. After I created the video, I thought to myself that others might find this information useful as well! Here is a link to that video on my YouTube channel.

Hopefully you will watch it and learn how to subscribe to a channel – like my LisaSewBubbles or the Embilliance channel and create your own playlists that you can access.  Playlists will help YOU find the videos that you have watched that you have found to be helpful.  You can make playlists for your Embrilliance videos, your machine specific videos, or even stitching videos like in the hoop or applique etc.

Hope that you find this helpful!

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